what we do


We release records that we write and produce in our home studio in torbay.


We record works for others as well at very reasonable rates.

Mixing and Mastering

We can take your recordings and make them sound great before releasing them to the public.


Here are the releases that protosleep have been involved with


The follow-up album written, produced and mixed by protosleep member Terrence Barrow featuring vocals by Allyson Barrow.

Release date: November 30, 2016

The Monster Within

The debut album written by protosleep member Terry and Allyson.

Released March 29, 2014


The debut album by hip-hop artist Har_Soul. Mixed and mastered by Terry at protosleep

Every Note and Road

The debut album by folk-punk artist Bomb Waterman. Mixed and mastered by Terry at protosleep

"Kissing You"

The debut single by Country artist Jeremy Dicks. Produced, mixed and mastered by Terry at protosleep

"I Will Follow You Into The Dark"

The hit song by Death Cab for Cutie performed by Rough Hands. Mixed and mastered by Terry at protosleep

"Low Down"

A Jake Delany film. Scoring and audio engineering by Terry at protosleep

"United We Stand"

A benefit production for those affected by the 2016 Fort McMurray wild fire. Written and performed by JYAY and Victoria Doyle. Produced, mixed and mastered by Terry at Protosleep.


Here are both the members of both the musical entity and the production facility that is protosleep

Team Member
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Terrence Barrow

Owner, Engineer, Vocalist, Writer, Instrumentalist
Team Member
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Allyson Barrow

Owner, Vocalist, Writer, Intrumentalist

Let’s hear your project

Tell us about your project and we'll see what we can do for you. Our rates are negotiable and we can provide savings for larger projects. Contact us via social media links below.